Monday, December 19, 2005

One World! One Language!

Someone decided that computers should have a simple language, one that has conly two letters, 0 and 1. and now, no matter what computer, device we're using we know for a fact that with little practice we'll understand what its saying.
sadly due to the way humans came into existance this wasn't possible (imagine what that would be like?) 010010010100111101010101 instead of "hi, wanna grab a coffee"
should there be one language?
should this one language be on a district / state / national / world leve?
can we rely on technology like we see in star trek, etc. to understand anyone irrespective of their language? is it practical?
Is language the cause of some problems that we face today, political and otherwise?
10101110011010101010 111001 Oops! speak up!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The dress rehearsal

17th Dec 2005, that's the date for the year end party at the leela palace and the theme, what other than hollywood & bollywood. This is the perfect time for everyone to dress up as their favourite stars without being picked at or dress up as someone just to make fun.
somehow though we're not quite sure yet what we as a team should dress up as. it has to be a team thing, so all ideas and suggestions are encouraged.

here's what we've got so far (in no particular order)
- Alice in wonderland
- Disney animated characters
- Grease
- Harry potter
- Pirates of the caribbean

so pitch in and lets try and decide asap.
let's party...