Friday, November 25, 2005

One for the Road !

Will be gone for 6 weeks, to Tokyo... here's one for the road!

Flying far to meet, the very industrious Goldmen band,
Rising first to the sunrise for weeks in a brand new land,
After my stint with the chopsticks, sushi and sticky rice,
Don't be surprised, if I come back with Tinie Winie eyes!

I'll come back with better ones... Mean while I hope to see the blog brimming with creativity...

See you all in the new year...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Poetry in the Limelight...for today

I dug out the play of words from the comments on the last post... It demands to be upheld for bloggers' pleasures.... Let's not post poetry as a comment :)


Here is something from my college days...
Thinking about the years going by
Could there be a reason why
So many people that I know
But so few that I really know
So many of wishes for everyone
But so few thoughts about anyone
Would I ever make it to the the point where
The sea meets it's favorate river...
Nights after night...


can't resist, here's one of mine from the college days.

crawling out of the hole
all battered & bruised
waiting to be run over by a freak train
i pop my head out
eyes closed
and hear the sound of birds instead
of the river that flows in the distance
the wind that carries with it
the smell of orchids,
i slowly open my eyes
finding myself in heaven!
am i dead or alive i wonder.
does it matter, i smile...

There a lot of hidden

Monday, November 21, 2005

And here's a poem of mineā€¦this is one of the sugary ones...There are other flavours. I'm contending for the post of the "Poetry - Moderator" here... So, will keep you posted to qualify :)

We spent the last hour,
Counting every grain that fell,
And with each of them He heard
The prayers we tell!
For every prayer a blessing was sent,
Many a blessing we gathered
In the last hour spent!
We give them all to u
On this special day,
And if u count just a few,
We'll turn the hour glass
Around the other way!

calvin quotes!

sorry just couln't help myself!

"My powerful brain has come up with a topic for my paper."
"I'll write about the debate over Tyrannosaurs. Were they fearsome predators or disgusting scavengers?"
"Which side will you defend?"
"Oh, I believe they were fearsome predators, definitely."
"How come?"
"They're so much cooler that way."

Monday, November 07, 2005

How Investing is like Dating :)

for all the calvin & hobbes fans

for all those who are in love with calvin and hobbes.

"So, what's it like in the real world? Well, the food is better, but beyond that, I don't recommend it. "
- Bill Watterson

another speach he gave sometime back titled "the cheapening of comics" can be found at this link

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Civil Unrest, War, Terror!!!

65 Killed, read that again!
65 Killed...
over 200 injured

everyday, we have people in our country being killed by terrorists. Dying soldiers, innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir getting killed because we want to politically correct.
every month we have people in one state or the other being killed in the name of religion, in the name of freedom. Let me ask you this. If people are getting killed, are we free?
every year we have a major bomb blast in some part of our country and its a disgrace that we've done close to nothing to stop it.

50 people were killed and about a 100 injured in London on July 7 and they shook the whole world to find those who're responsible. We must do the same, forget about being politically correct. Was the US politically correct when they invaded Iraq? No, but they caught Saddam. We have to become tougher, not just out armies but our police our people, each and everyone of us. We as a society must extend help to our country in these times of war! Yes this is war, if you think these numbers don't indicate war then I'll put up pictures of little children who died in the blast at Delhi! The child's body that isn't even recognizable.
We must stop this and not allow others to take over our land, we must all be "Paul Rusesabagina" from Rwanda during the struggle against the Hutu rebels. we must all harbor every person in need.
Help build a safer world for our generation, for our children! Stop this war.